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Surgery games

Well if your thinking of becoming a surgery doctor than the surgery games that you will find in this category are a perfect match for you. These are the games that might help you know what you want to be when you grow up. Our free online medical games with surgery will put you in different situations, either you will have to work on brain surgery, lungs, heart transplant, lungs transplant, or other kinds of surgery in which you may have to fix different body parts like bones and organs, or simply put them back together, which it isn't as simple as it sounds, cause it's quite a important and most of the time a risky job, especially when you're working on a brain surgery or a heart surgery where any mistake can be fatal, however don't be scared as these are just games and in most of them you will be accompanied by a beautiful nurse who will guide you through all the steps and decisions you will have to make during the surgery, even if you do a simple anesthetic or just cleaning the infected area of bacterias the nurse will be there to advice you in doing it right, also after you learn how to use different surgery tools and complete tasks you can try to do the surgery again from scratch all by yourself. Have fun!