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Swimming Games

Ready for some swimming games? Come on in! The water is great! Swimming is always a fun activity and there is nothing quite like it. Do you have a pool? If not, don't worry you can experience the fun of having a swim in the newest online games with swimming for free! If you are a sports fan you will enjoy playing the latest racing Olympic swimmer game and win a gold medal. Prove that you are an experienced swimmer and earn underwater points in some of the best swimming pool games. There are a lot of different ways you can go out for a swim, what's your favourite? Play a large variety of games that feature swimming and try to get the highest score you can. Join your favourite cartoon characters like Ariel, the little mermaid and have fun exploring the ocean while gathering points. Collect different types of bonus items and make sure you learn how to swim before you start wondering out in the sea or the swimming pool. Mermaid games often feature a lot of activities in the sea like going for a swim and other fish related fun games. Join the underwater adventure and have fun!