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Tarzan is the well known wild child that was raised by a tribe of great apes known as Mangani and has not had any contact with civilization from when he was young. When he was just a little boy, him and his parents were stranded on a solitary island and then not long after this, both of his parents died, leaving the small boy all alone on that island. However fate would have it that the little orphaned boy was adopted and cared for by the Mangani great apes. As years passed by, Tarzan learned to survive by himself in the great jungle and there he has many animals friends with whom he enjoyed spending time with. So the adventures of Tarzan begin deep in the jungle. Many of the adventures of Tarzan have been a subject for multiple movies, cartoons and even game. And exactly such are the games that we're bringing to you. Free online jungle games for all ages, Tarzan 2 games, Tarzan and Jane games, Jane dress up game, jungle games, Disney channel games, Tarzan coloring games, Tarzan puzzles and jungle adventures games, all here for you to enjoy alone or together with your friends and family. Find your all new favorite jungle games online and enjoy the hours of free online fun that you can have.