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Team Umizoomi

From Children's television series, we bring the best team umizoomi games that you could play on your PC. Dedicated to preschool kids and children of 3 years old or older nick jr games with umizoomi are some of the most famous games that kids nowadays wants to play on their iphone, ios, ipads or android devices! If you haven't yet met the cartoon characters of this show, you must know that the team umizoomi consits of two superheroes named as Milli, Geo and their kind friend Bot. You might had heard of their slogan Mighty Math Powers! Well this surely will inspire you in the next team umizoomi educational games, as you will be encourage to use all kinds of simple, basic math operations in order to unlock puzzle pieces and use them to pass levels and win the game. Like in the episodes which you may had seen on Nick Jr channel you'll find games that has several features and steps that kids need to follow in order to complete the game. They will get different tasks, from simple age-appropriate mathematical questions and challenges to all kinds of fun games in which they can see how things work in real life and learn all kinds of interesting stuff that can help them as kids and even as grown ups. Have fun playing with your favorite characters Milli, Geo,Bot, Umi Car, Doormous and the troublemakers!