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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The teenage mutant ninja turtles have been around for a long time and all you fans have probably been waiting for some new ninja turtles games haven't you? The popular comic book began in the 80s and has made it's way up to the top of popular culture and comic book art in our days. There have been a lot of cartoon series and movies after the famous comic and there is even a brand new movie coming up this year. The teen age mutant ninja turtle team consists of Leonardo who is the leader of the pack, he uses his ninja sword in battle. Donatello is the brains of the operation and uses a battle wooden stick for combat when he is not inventing something new. Raphael is the strong one of the group and he uses his ninja forks to battle. And then there is Michelangelo who is the funny one. He is always up for jokes and pranks. You can now pick your favorite ninja turtle and start your battle against Shredder and his ninja army. Play different types of ninja turtles 3d games up to coloring games for kids with your favorite turtles. Make sure you try out the pizza cooking games also because the turtles love pizza.