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The winner of the greatest game of all time, the Tetris games are available now in our category as well! First developed in Moscow by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris had become one of the most popular and played game of all time, it has been soled on various markets and platforms, since 1980s, it has more than 70 million of physical copies and over 170 million of downloaded ones on various devices and platforms, so whatever you have, a simple phone, an android or iOs mobile, you surely may find a Tetris app or game that's compatible with your device. Have you every tried playing a classic game of Tetris? Well you may be surely happy to find out there are quite a few variations of these games, there are slightly different, but the idea of the game remains the same, You may had heard of the term of tetriminos, the geometric shapes made out of four square blocks are called tetriminions and they come in seven shapes, they come in form of the letters I, J, L, O and S, T, Z, different forms and different colours, in the board they will come randomly and you will have to stack the teriminion in order to fill up all the gaps and destroy lines, you will have to destroy a required number of lines in order to pass the level and win the game. Good Luck!