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The Fairly Oddparents Games

Discover the fun that you can have with the Fairly Oddparents games! Have you ever believed in fairy tales? What about fairy godmothers and godfathers? Well if you have ever watched the Fairly OddParents episodes on nickelodeon than you must have surely found out about a young boy such as Timmy Turner, who believe it or not has two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. What do you say about that? Here the adventure begins, as you will see in fairly oddparents online games, Timmy Turner goes in all kinds of trouble and adventures where, must likely you will have to help him discover a way to fix things. Like in the cartoon series of Fairly odd parents, he often ask for Cosmo and Wando to grand him wishes and so he can discover new interesting things or pass all kinds of obstacles. In Timmy turner games you'll see that he has lots of enemies, but also lots of friends and fairies he even has an awesome magical friend, pet, a dog named Sparky who will be glad to jump to the rescue and help him anytime he is in need. Help Timmy pass any obstacle he might meet and also have fun with his magical friends! Enjoy!