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The Flintstones Family

For those who still remember the show, we have some Flintstones games for kids that you should love to play. In this category we will try to show you not only the best but all the fun Flintstones games boomerang that you can think of. If until the year 2000, the series was distributed on cartoon network, in 2014 kids can view the episodes on Boomerang, place where Fred Flintstone and his best friend Barney go on lots of adventures and funny situations from which they somehow get away. Same as in the series you'll find fun Flintstones games big barney chase and other pebbles flintstone games. And like in the cartoon series you must find different ways of helping the characters like Fred, Barney, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, Betty, Bamm Bamm, Hoppy. We know how fun the series are, and also how much older kids would love to play with some of their favorite cartoon network characters. Anyhow, if there are preschool kids and school kids who are looking for a fun coloring, educational, memory game, or a game to learn numbers and letters, this category will bring you not only 2d but also some of the most fun 3d games you can play online for free!