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The muppets

The muppets is one of the most popular children's TV series and has been around for many generation. Most of you probably already know Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy and Animal, right? They are the characters that made the show so popular over the time and Jim Henson kept on making the show funnier until modern times. Today you can all play the muppets games and share the fun with all your favorite characters and friends in the newest addition to the fun muppets category. The muppets are perfect for kids of all ages and everyone is going to love playing along with Kermit the frog and all the other muppets in different types of adventures. You can play skill games and sport games and girls can enjoy their time in the newest muppets dress up games. If you are a real fan you have to go see the newest The Muppets Most Wanted movie because it release 2014 and had a huge the box office. It has a lot of famous actors in the main cast and the sound track is also a lot of fun. Play as Kermit or your favorite muppet and enjoy your time of Sesame Street.