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Transformers games

The Transformers games are here in a new category. Many of you know the famous Transformers movies and Transformers series that have been such a huge success over the years. Many enjoy the Transformers characters and their abilities, and many Transformers toys, Transformers cartoons and Transformers games have been created for their fans. Today the Transformers games online have taken the internet by storm as the variety in which they present themselves is astonishing. One of the most famous ones are the Transformers 2 game and the Transformers game 3, that are a sequel of the Transformers game online frenzy. There are even Lego Transformers games online and Transformers car games and many other games that respond to the big demand of Transformers games online and free. These Transformers games online for kids have been collected and presented to you and your friends to enjoy. The Transformers are one of the first series of cartoons that have included transforming alien robots into the plot, as the main characters are able to transform into fighting robots. But all this power comes with a price as the Transformers must use their abilities and fight others to defend their own people and bring peace back to them.