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Unity 3D Games

Are you searching for some new fun Unity 3d games to play online for free? As many of you might know, in 2014, flash games had become more and more less, and the industry that makes them had become smaller, but that's not a really bad thing, as nowadays companies are making more and more unity3d games multi player and single player which users out there can have fun with, more than that, these kind of games, made with unity 3d engine, are available for playing on multiple platforms, you'll find lots of examples and lists of games made with unity 3d, that can be played on PC, mobile devices like, android or iOS, phones, tablets, ipads and of course the windows phones as well, you'll be surprised to find that you can also play these kind of games on xbox 360, ps2, ps3 or even ps4. No matter the category you like the most, either you like shooting, racing, strategy, action, arcade or simple 3d puzzle games, well you can be sure that you'll find any of them here. But if it's made with unity, doesn't always have to be 3d, there are also awesome 2D online browser games that you would love. Some has the best graphics they could have, also music, a game play that you will adore, leaderboards, achievements and much more! Just join in and lets find out how much fun we can have!