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Are you a fan of one of Violetta games? You know Violetta she is the character from best musical telenovela from Argentina. Well then you will be glad to hear that we brought you some of the top games with Violetta from Disney Channel that you can play online for free. Also you will be glad to have the chance of finding all kinds of secrets and stories from your favorite TV-series from Disney Channel. Join Violetta's adventures along with Tomas, Ludmilla, Leon, Francesca and her other friends, they will end up in all kinds of difficult and funny situations from which only with your help they might have a chance to get out. We have also a big collection of Violetta dress up games, in which you will certainly find some of the most stylish and fashionable clothes that a teenage girl like her would love to wear, have fun combining all sorts of jackets, dresses, shirts and skirts, you're also invited to have fun with her hairstyle and makeover, find out if you can change her style so that Leon and Tomas or even the girls won't recognize her. The music from Violetta is absolutely gorgeous and its fun to sing along, that is why we have all kinds of Violetta music games in which you will have the lyrics and the music in background so you can sing along with her. Find out how good you know to sing her songs and also enjoy all of our cool Violetta Disney Channel games!