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Vipo games

Vipo the flying dog has just flew in to play with you and your friends. Enjoy Vipo adventures of the flying dog games right here in the comfort of your own home. These Vipo games online have long been part of the Vipo mania that affected so many. Whether you enjoy playing Vipo free games or Vipo 3D games, there are many specific Vipo games that target the characters from the cartoon Vipo Adventures of the Flying Dog. try out all the games that have Vipo as a character, such as Vipo coloring or Vipo puzzles. Some may say that these games can be considered under the animal games category but we know that Vipo is so much more. Together with his best friends Betty the Toy Cat and Henry the Stork, VIPO learns how to fly and travels the world together with them. As they visit many new places, they gradually make new friends, such as Billy the bull, Dr. Timmly which is a guinea pig, the tiger Igor and they even get to meet the mythical creature Nessy also knows as the Loch Ness monster among many others. Join them as they discover new and unforgettable places and make new friends in their adventurous trips around the world.