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Wreck it Ralph

Get online in the best video game animated movie Wreck it Ralph and have a turn at everyone's favorite games. The popular Disney animated movie featuring game characters was a blast at the box office and now you can experience the life in a video game world. Are you ready to jump inside a classic arcade game? I hope you are because Ralph brings the best gaming series to life in the newest Fix-It Felix games where you will have to wreck everything and the use Felix to fix it all back. The movie makes a lot of references to other video game series so be prepared to meet Mario, Sonic, Pac Man, M Bison, Zangief, the ghosts of pac man and many more. You can even take a turn in the candu racing game Sugar Rush and start winning some races with Vanellope the glitch. No matter what game you will be playing you are in for a whole lot of fun with Ralph and all his friends. Save the world from evil aliens in the Hero Duty series or get to the top in the Looper games. Play the best pc download wreck it ralph and get a high score in the world of video games.