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Zombie Games

The apocalypse has been announced once again and zombie games couldn't get any more popular than this. If you are looking for a thrill and a scare survival horror game these games with zombies will surely get your heart pumping for some fun and action. The zombie apocalypse theme is a very wide spread phenomenon across popular culture that it spawn different movies,TV series and zombie online games that everyone can now enjoy. The Walking Dead is probably the best example of how far zombies have gone. Everything featuring zombies are a lot of fun to play especially during night time because most of them will get a funny scare out of you and that's a lot of fun. You can now find different types of interactive zombie experiences online straight in your browser that can vary from classic puzzle games to full action adventure undead additions to the genre. Enjoy stunning 3d graphics in the newest unity games powered engine and play as a zombie or as a zombie hunter on your epic quest to survive the zombie apocalypse. Do the best you can and remember that you can never trust a zombie because he might eat your brain.