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Try the newest Angry Birds Solitaire game, a simple and fun angry birds cards game, from our Solitaire games category. If you want to check out this entertaining game you can do this thing now with a simple click on, where you'll find many other classic solitaire games for free. In this gamea, all you have to do is to stack the cards together in descending order whilst alternating red and black colors, and you don't have to forget to place the acces on the row located at the upper right side of the game. You will have to use your mouse in this Angry Birds Solitaire game to stack the Angry Birds cards in descending order. You will also have to remember to alternate between Red and Black cards in each stack. This game from Solitaire games category, is a game that can be played by anyone who is a solitaire fan. Your objective is to sit playing cards of the same color in the top four empty seats in ascending order starting with the Ace and ending with the King. For example if you book 9 of red you can put on her only book black. When you have nothing to move, you click the deck back. Have fun playing this Angry Birds Solitaire!


Use mouse for playing this game.

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