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Frozen games are perfect for all fans of the popular Disney motion picture Frozen and today you get to join princess Elsa and the adorable snow man Olaf on their vacation. They had a lot of fun on the icy mountain the whole year but now it's time to have some fun at the beach. Take your time and play through all the fun levels of the game in search for all the beach essentials that Elsa needs. The goal of the game is to help them pack before their flight leaves so take a good look at the object list and try to find them all to pack them up inside the suitcase. They will also need some food because there is a long way until you get to the beach so make sure you pack some fruit in the food case also. You need to pack up all the stuff they need as fast as possible because you are on the clock and you need to have everything ready before the plane leaves for the beach. Play this great new game together with all your friends and help all your favorite Disney characters get ready for a fun weekend at the beach.


Use the mouse to play this game

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